AYM believes that the Southeast Asian Youth can do more and be more. In 2012, AYM desires to enhance its capacity in terms of advancing advocacy, research, monitoring and media work. It shifts its perspectives from merely coming up with statements to developing effective strategies in realizing active role of the youth in addressing their own issues in their respective localities, countries and region.

In this spirit, AYM aims to attain two main goals: (1) Monitoring/Research Team and (2) Media/Advocacy Team.

  • Monitoring Team will be tasked to research on the various Youth issues. They will take part in a number of research works. The main output is a Youth situation report, which will be publicized at the end of the year.
  • Media Team will be responsible for advocating the work of the Movement through mainstream and alternative media. It will be regularly producing press releases, multimedia materials and a regular magazine.

This year, as Brunei is hosting the ASEAN Summit, the Regional Youth Forum will be organized in Brunei, prior to the launching of the ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN Peoples’ Forum 2013. It will be organized by the ASEAN Youth Movement in collaboration with the Brunei Youth Council.


The proposed Regional Youth Forum shall achieve the following objectives:

  • To identify the three top issues to be tackled throughout the year
  • To provide basic human rights training for Monitoring team
  • To develop a media strategy for 2013

Expected Outputs



  • Members in the team
  • Training of team
  • Top 3 issues


  • Media strategy plan
  • Plan for six to eight month advocacy points
  • Working members in the team

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